Things have been a little nuts over here. Between my last semester in nursing school, looking for BSN-DNP programs, applying for jobs, working weekends, and a recent car accident, I’m a little pressed for time. Yet while I desperately want to be healthy, finding a nutritional breakfast that doesn’t break my calorie bank and isn’t going to make me want to hurl can be difficult (high protein breakfasts are too heavy for me). Not only that, but I needed something that I could make (because I’m a self-confessing control freak and cooking is calming for me), and I needed something I could make and be done (i.e. store in the freezer and require little to no preparation for my semi-comatose-in-the-morning butt to handle without burning the house down). 

Enter the bagel.

I have loved bagels for as long as I can remember. Maybe it’s my German heritage, maybe it’s because they’re just so daggum good. Regardless, I was bored of my lonely slice of spelt sourdough toast smeared with an oh-so-carefully measured portion of peanut butter, and I was craving bagels. Yep, my decision to make bagels came down to cravings. (My decision to make anything comes down to cravings. Maybe I should work on that.)

After a quick Google search, I found a lovely little recipe for New York style bagels, and I adapted it to fit my health and bulk baking needs. 

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cinnamon rolls + maple whipped cream



I love my brother and baking. He loves cinnamon rolls and eating them. So the perfect win-win is to make warm, gooey cinnamon bull’s eyes, right? Of course right. (+5 x 10^6 bonus points if you caught the reference.) Also, instead of serving with the usual rich/cloyingly sweet cream cheese icing, I opted for a lighter whipped up cream with a little maple blush.

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bit-o-honey candy [natural remix]


I would write some lengthy, cutesy intro to this recipe to charm your inner happy animal into poking its head out of its home this afternoon, but it is to my great disappointment to inform you that I have a quiz in my pharmacology class this evening, and being that I tend to put off things that seem far off until they’ve attained quite the opposite state of being far off, there is an alarming little stack off notes that are rather impatiently demanding my attention, as well as a clock that keeps stubbornly marching onward while I pretend to ignore its insolence, so it is best that I leave you with this pitifully unadorned and unintroduced recipe that I ventured upon yesterday evening for an early celebration of my father’s birthday.

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weekly roundup

I’m sitting in front of my lovely, sneeze juice covered laptop. To my right is a dutiful roll of toilet paper. To my left is pile of used “tissues”, as I call them, or “snot rags” as my mother says endearingly. The moment this post is published will consist of me running to the tea kettle to make acv tea and heat up a cup of bone broth. Needless to say, I’m sick. And every drop of energy and vivacity I could call my own has left my germ-stricken body a ghost town.

How did I get sick? If I’m trying to be so healthy, how’d that happen?

There are a few culprits like caffeine, too little vegetables and meat, and far too little sleep. Oh, well. We live and learn.

As far as a real roundup goes, I didn’t do very much research this week, as I have an intimidating a&p exam coming up soon, and I’ve devoted the majority of my free time to it. However, here’s a drive-by idea:

Cooking/eating: lots of bone broth based soup for the ill (aka my brother and me)– mostly a really delicious and simple egg drop soup that provides plenty of protein and fat for a soothing and satisfying meal; coconut muffins (they’re addicting…in a good way); healthy bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches on said coconut muffins; my not-as-sweetened take on Sarah Pope’s Russian custard (a deliciously nourishing breakfast, snack, or dessert); my own recipe for a chai tea latte (recipes for some of these to come soon, I hope!).

Reading: To be honest, instead of making much progress in my books, I’ve been living vicariously through the tweets of those attending the annual Weston A. Price Foundation’s Wise Traditions Conference (#wapfconf). One day I could go, one day…

Doing: I’m doing a lot of studying and talking, and I’m not doing a lot of sleeping. But no worries, this is about to change in 5…4…3…2…1.




(photo cred: andrew + carissa, who just so happen to have a lovely blog right over here.)

Fatigue, spaetzle, and other shenanigans

I’m terrible at routines. And I mean awful. I might keep something up for a week (maybe even two), but after those few blissful days, it crumbles into a hopeless pile of good intentions. As of late, my sleep “schedule” has mirrored the same careful regularity you’ll find in a five-year old’s coloring book. I know it shouldn’t be like this– the verse, “It is in vain that you rise up early and go late to rest…” has been playing in my head on repeat all week. Even the great article from The Healthy Home Economist on adrenal fatigue hasn’t made me go to bed early (at least for any length of time). However, like anything that’s not ordered, there’s a point when you just can’t go any more. You just stop working.

This was my day. There was a fog over my mind the entire day, and I never quite shook the I-just-woke-up-from-two-hours-of-sleep feeling. This led to overall physical weakness and the inability to concentrate (for the entire day, until I finally found the solution). So what did I do? Read foodie blogs until I was so inspired I couldn’t take it anymore. (In retrospect, it probably would have been more helpful to read about fatigue and whatnot…) So, picking myself off of the sofa, I had an epiphany that coconut milk might help perk me up a bit, downed a glass*, and began to cook.

Spaetzle. I could bet twenty bucks you don’t know what that is. Well, I didn’t either, so don’t feel bad. (Heck, it took me three days to discover how to even pronounce it.) In a nutshell, it’s an Austrian dish, reminiscent of a dumpling in flavor and texture, but instead of looking like a traditional dumpling, it resembles a curly, whimsical mini-noodle. On my blog-reading marathon, I read a lot of Smitten Kitchen’s recipes, and this was her latest one, catching my eye with its peculiar name. (Note: She doesn’t hold to the same traditional nutrition methods, so you’ll find refined sugar, white flour, etc. in many of her recipes, but they’re fairly easy to make healthy.) Well, after rereading the post a total of about ten times, I finally made it. And it was awesome. I need to work out some kinks before I share it, but be looking for it sometime this week or next. (I swapped out the white flour for whole wheat, but didn’t soak it, of course, because I was dumb enough not to think ahead. Oh, well. It’ll be soaked next time.)

Also, fudge was on the menu tonight, since the saturated fat from the coconut milk seemed to work wonders. I used a variation of Kimi Harris’s fudge, and I’ll be sharing that this week too (since I honest-to-goodness make this variation all the time).

And since coconut milk was a blessing, I’ll be sharing a bit about how to make that as well, why I use it, and all that jazz.

So there’s the big plan for the week! I’ll be catching up on sleep and homework in the meantime. 🙂

*I really think the coconut milk helped perk me up because of the high saturated fat content. Yes, you read that right. Saturated fat (NOT trans fat) is really, really healthy for you. (No, it won’t raise your cholesterol. I swear. Browse this website for more detailed explanations of this– I hope to post about this in the future, as it’s been something that’s helped me immensely.)

Photo cred: riaskiff on flickr.

Easy, Cheesy Quiche

I’m not good at picking out titles. Same goes for naming recipes. But as cheesy (no pun intended) as the name is, this quiche is pretty good (and I’m not the biggest egg fan out there). It’s pretty hands-off besides the mixing and grating (which I appreciate when I should be doing homework, but end up in the kitchen instead), but in my little 8×9 pan, the thing takes ~40min. to bake. (And that’s really not bad, so long as you get it in the oven before noon, and your brother isn’t begging–like mine was today– Leeeiigh-Aaannn, when will it be done??)

Anyway– there’s no crust, so if you’re looking for some gluten-free brunches/lunches (makes a nice snack or simple dinner when paired with some veggies too), it’s a nice option. And true to quiche fashion, the recipe’s quite flexible: add or take away some cheese, sprinkle some bacon, try using some herbs…whatever your creativity puts out. 🙂

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When Pragmatism Meets Ice Cream

This is what my last month (or so) has looked like. Lots of books. Lots of reading. Lots of time gluttonously swallowed up in the name of education. And beneath the yoke of inevitabilities, not a lot of time has been given to blogging (or to experimenting with my own recipes to blog about). As a result, my wishful Sourdough Saga has been (and now will formally be)  put to rest after a drawn-out and disagreeable period of time. I finally realized I can’t take on a series like that right now, but maybe I can in the future. Maybe. We’ll see.

For now, though, allow me to explain further what I can do and plan on doing: I’ll be posting informational bits here and there and recipes as I come by them. The blog may expand from there, but I’ll be keeping it pretty simple for a while.

I’ll be posting a recipe for sourdough pancakes soon, but in the meantime…

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I’m sorry for the lag in posts–my last few weeks have been insane. Things are slowing down to normal, and I’m so grateful. 🙂

Nevertheless, I’ve baked some (if not all) of the recipes I hoped to try, and I’m excited to post them…soon!


Are there any sourdough recipes you would like to see on here? Or perhaps a recipe you’d like to share? I’d love to read them. 🙂

Sourdough: The Saga

(photo cred: Pinch My Salt @

OK, so maybe not a “saga”. This series will really be more of a collection of my adventures baking with sourdough. I hope to include:

*Why Sourdough?

*Frugal Sourdough Sandwhich Bread (a French approach to an American staple)

*Quick n Easy Sourdough Pancakes

*Sourdough Biscuits

*Sourdough Pizza Dough

*And, further down the road, Sourdough Cake 🙂

(N.B.: All these recipes will be whole wheat sourdough.)


If you think of any baked good that you’d love to be made nourishing and easy to digest, please comment and let me know! I’d love to give it a whirl and include it here.