caramel corn: a family favorite

Finally! Here is the long-ago promised recipe for my family’s favorite movie night dessert. Happy cooking!

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girl scouts gone healthy

Credit: Kimi Harris

I’ve never met Kimi Harris, a real food blogger, wife, and mother of three. Regardless, her writing and example have impacted my life in a significant way– after working through her e-course about two years ago, I better understand and see food, health, medicine, lifestyle choices, and even politics in a different light. Her e-course engendered my intense curiosity in health, which in turn led to a significant career decision to pursue nursing instead of music education (my intention since sixth grade). Since that course, I have loved reading her blog with all its helpful information and creative (and devilishly tasty) recipes. So it comes as no surprise that she has (once again) succeeded to make one of my all-time favorites in a healthful manner– thin mints, the Girl Scout cookie.

Even better, I’m making these for my dad’s birthday coming up. They are his favorite cookies too (he introduced me to them), but he has been trying to cut refined and artificial sugar out of his diet ever since he’s done some research (and patiently listened to me gab non-stop about the topic). I can’t wait to make and give these to him!!

Here’s the recipe. (I will probably make these with unbleached white flour, as he isn’t quite sold on the robust flavor of its whole, unrefined cousins. As for all the other ingredients, I will be using completely unrefined materials. Note that there are gluten and dairy free options as well.)

When Pragmatism Meets Ice Cream

This is what my last month (or so) has looked like. Lots of books. Lots of reading. Lots of time gluttonously swallowed up in the name of education. And beneath the yoke of inevitabilities, not a lot of time has been given to blogging (or to experimenting with my own recipes to blog about). As a result, my wishful Sourdough Saga has been (and now will formally be)  put to rest after a drawn-out and disagreeable period of time. I finally realized I can’t take on a series like that right now, but maybe I can in the future. Maybe. We’ll see.

For now, though, allow me to explain further what I can do and plan on doing: I’ll be posting informational bits here and there and recipes as I come by them. The blog may expand from there, but I’ll be keeping it pretty simple for a while.

I’ll be posting a recipe for sourdough pancakes soon, but in the meantime…

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