Things have been a little nuts over here. Between my last semester in nursing school, looking for BSN-DNP programs, applying for jobs, working weekends, and a recent car accident, I’m a little pressed for time. Yet while I desperately want to be healthy, finding a nutritional breakfast that doesn’t break my calorie bank and isn’t going to make me want to hurl can be difficult (high protein breakfasts are too heavy for me). Not only that, but I needed something that I could make (because I’m a self-confessing control freak and cooking is calming for me), and I needed something I could make and be done (i.e. store in the freezer and require little to no preparation for my semi-comatose-in-the-morning butt to handle without burning the house down). 

Enter the bagel.

I have loved bagels for as long as I can remember. Maybe it’s my German heritage, maybe it’s because they’re just so daggum good. Regardless, I was bored of my lonely slice of spelt sourdough toast smeared with an oh-so-carefully measured portion of peanut butter, and I was craving bagels. Yep, my decision to make bagels came down to cravings. (My decision to make anything comes down to cravings. Maybe I should work on that.)

After a quick Google search, I found a lovely little recipe for New York style bagels, and I adapted it to fit my health and bulk baking needs. 

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