bit-o-honey candy [natural remix]


I would write some lengthy, cutesy intro to this recipe to charm your inner happy animal into poking its head out of its home this afternoon, but it is to my great disappointment to inform you that I have a quiz in my pharmacology class this evening, and being that I tend to put off things that seem far off until they’ve attained quite the opposite state of being far off, there is an alarming little stack off notes that are rather impatiently demanding my attention, as well as a clock that keeps stubbornly marching onward while I pretend to ignore its insolence, so it is best that I leave you with this pitifully unadorned and unintroduced recipe that I ventured upon yesterday evening for an early celebration of my father’s birthday.

bit-o-honey candies

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you will need:

+1C butter

+1C sucanat (or coconut/palm sugar)

+1C raw honey

+1C nut butter* (it’s important that nuts are the only thing in the butter- no salt, no oils, just pulverized nuts; I recommend almond butter for a more exact replication of the original candy, but any combination of nuts would work)

+1.5 tsp sea salt

+1 tsp blackstrap, unsulfured molasses

+1 Tbl pure vanilla extract

+Sufficient powdered sugar to liberally coat the candies (2C would be my guess)**

*To make nut butter, simply pour your nuts into your food processor & let it run until it smooths into a nice peanut butter consistency. For highest healthfulness, soak & dehydrate the nuts first. Next best thing: quickly toast the nuts in a skillet on high heat until you smell a nice & warm, nutty aroma. Next, next best thing: buy dry roasted, unsalted nuts & just use them.

**To make powdered sugar, pulse 2-3 Tbl of sucanat or coconut/palm sugar in a nicely cleaned coffee grinder until it reaches the grind you prefer. Repeat until you’ve made enough. (N.B.: I cheated & used organic powdered sugar from the bag here, hence the whiteness of the powder in mine. I don’t recommend it for healthfulness, but it works in a pinch.)

To make:

1. Measure out & add all ingredients, except the vanilla & powdered sugar, to a medium size saucepan. Turn to medium low/low. Allow to melt slowly together while you clean up your mess from the nut butter & powdered sugar business or while you otherwise live your life, as this candy is about to steal a good bit of it soon.

2. Once things start to warm up & melt together, increase the temperature to medium & stir constantly & evenly with a wooden spoon (very important that you use a wooden spoon & not a whisk).

3. Cook to soft crack stage.

4. Remove from heat & add vanilla. Stir quickly.

5. Allow to cool until still quite warm & pliable, but won’t cause third degree burns to your hands (this takes a little while).

6. Scrape onto a large sheet of parchment paper. Cover with another large sheet of parchment.

7. Roll out the candy to 0.5-1 inch thickness, moving along at a quick click.

8. Cut into about 1-2 inch strips (completely your preference, though). Tear or cut into your desired size pieces.

9. Sift powdered sugar over candies & coat very liberally. Mix together. (I did this all on a parchment covered table– no need to use a bowl).

Store in the fridge & enjoy!


3 thoughts on “bit-o-honey candy [natural remix]

  1. Delightful recipe with commentary–reminds me of the fun comments in *Joy of Cooking,* but even better. It’s that “soft crack” stage that gets me with scary things like candy. I still try every couple of years, but it usually disappoints. I can make things taste great, but presentation is not my forte.

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