weekly roundup

I’m sitting in front of my lovely, sneeze juice covered laptop. To my right is a dutiful roll of toilet paper. To my left is pile of used “tissues”, as I call them, or “snot rags” as my mother says endearingly. The moment this post is published will consist of me running to the tea kettle to make acv tea and heat up a cup of bone broth. Needless to say, I’m sick. And every drop of energy and vivacity I could call my own has left my germ-stricken body a ghost town.

How did I get sick? If I’m trying to be so healthy, how’d that happen?

There are a few culprits like caffeine, too little vegetables and meat, and far too little sleep. Oh, well. We live and learn.

As far as a real roundup goes, I didn’t do very much research this week, as I have an intimidating a&p exam coming up soon, and I’ve devoted the majority of my free time to it. However, here’s a drive-by idea:

Cooking/eating: lots of bone broth based soup for the ill (aka my brother and me)– mostly a really delicious and simple egg drop soup that provides plenty of protein and fat for a soothing and satisfying meal; coconut muffins (they’re addicting…in a good way); healthy bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches on said coconut muffins; my not-as-sweetened take on Sarah Pope’s Russian custard (a deliciously nourishing breakfast, snack, or dessert); my own recipe for a chai tea latte (recipes for some of these to come soon, I hope!).

Reading: To be honest, instead of making much progress in my books, I’ve been living vicariously through the tweets of those attending the annual Weston A. Price Foundation’s Wise Traditions Conference (#wapfconf). One day I could go, one day…

Doing: I’m doing a lot of studying and talking, and I’m not doing a lot of sleeping. But no worries, this is about to change in 5…4…3…2…1.




(photo cred: andrew + carissa, who just so happen to have a lovely blog right over here.)


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