an adventure

Regarding my last post (The Five (ok, 6)-Forget-Me-Nots), there’s something I should clarify.

I didn’t want to sound like I have perfected that list, but, in retrospect, it can be interpreted that way.

I don’t do all of those five (or six) things all the time. Should I? Yes, I really should. But it just doesn’t happen every day. They should be habit, and I should only sway from them when there’s an emergency or other out-of-the-ordinary occurence. But, quite honestly, that isn’t happening in my life–yet. They are five things that I try to view as priorities when there are so many things going on I lose sight of what’s important.

I was thinking about that today–Yes, all those five things are great. And I’ve found that they really, really help and are important. But how can they be implemented? How can we make them habit?

So. I’ve been inspired by my own list (selfish, I know)…to create another list. (Surprise, surprise, I’m actually not left-brain hemisphere dominant…

How about I work through the list one item by one item– how can we do these things when it’s just hard and busy and all you can think is I just don’t feel like doing this! when you’re trying?

We’ll begin officially on Monday, and I’m thinking the schedule (ugh..I cringe at that word) should look something like this:

Week 1– #1 (healthy, fast food)

Week 2– #2 (Sleep and fighting fatigue)

Week 3– #3 (sensing a pattern? 🙂 Daily prayer and Bible reading)

Week 4– #4 (Relaxing)

Week 5– #5 (Having order in routines)

What about week six? After all, the list was really a list of six things and not five…

How about we do #6 Do Not Be Discouraged now? I mean, tackling a list like this is, quite frankly, daunting for me. Really. My mom is probably reading this laughing. She knows I’m one of the most disorganized, discombobulated, unscheduled, and un-routined people the world has ever known. And yet here I am, encouraging you to try to work through a list of all the things I’m least good at. Well, it doesn’t have to be a discouraging few weeks, but there will be times, if you choose to join me on my adventure, when it’s discouraging. You failed once, twice, or thrice; what if you fail again? You can’t muster enough motivation; what if you get stuck in a I-Just-Don’t-Feel-Like-It vortex of doom?

I’m reading a book right now that talks about this– when we try to do good, when we try to honor God in our actions and thoughts, there’s evil “at [our] elbow”: it’s close to us, always trying to distract us from what we should be doing. Now, I’m not trying to say my list is commanded by God and that by not following it we sin– that’s not it at all. The list is just something to help keep priorities straight; if we fall of the bandwagon, it’s no big deal… just try to hop on again if you can.

What I mean by bringing that idea of evil close by is this: there are a million things vying for our attention. The only person who can decide what you give your time to is you. That means we have to make up our mind: Facebook now or make a lunch for tomorrow? Go to bed now or stay up and watch another TV show? Write that email now or throw in a load of laundry? Any of those things can be good, but we just need to make up our minds as to what is more important and do those first. That will help us on a decision-by-decision basis to stay on track.

But we’ll forget sometimes, and we’ll mess up. It happens. Pray for strength and faithfulness, and keep trying. I’ll remember to post how things are going for me (including when I mess up), just so you know you’re not alone. By the grace of God, we’ll get through this thing together and learn a few things on the way. 🙂 Are you with me?


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