Fatigue, spaetzle, and other shenanigans

I’m terrible at routines. And I mean awful. I might keep something up for a week (maybe even two), but after those few blissful days, it crumbles into a hopeless pile of good intentions. As of late, my sleep “schedule” has mirrored the same careful regularity you’ll find in a five-year old’s coloring book. I know it shouldn’t be like this– the verse, “It is in vain that you rise up early and go late to rest…” has been playing in my head on repeat all week. Even the great article from The Healthy Home Economist on adrenal fatigue hasn’t made me go to bed early (at least for any length of time). However, like anything that’s not ordered, there’s a point when you just can’t go any more. You just stop working.

This was my day. There was a fog over my mind the entire day, and I never quite shook the I-just-woke-up-from-two-hours-of-sleep feeling. This led to overall physical weakness and the inability to concentrate (for the entire day, until I finally found the solution). So what did I do? Read foodie blogs until I was so inspired I couldn’t take it anymore. (In retrospect, it probably would have been more helpful to read about fatigue and whatnot…) So, picking myself off of the sofa, I had an epiphany that coconut milk might help perk me up a bit, downed a glass*, and began to cook.

Spaetzle. I could bet twenty bucks you don’t know what that is. Well, I didn’t either, so don’t feel bad. (Heck, it took me three days to discover how to even pronounce it.) In a nutshell, it’s an Austrian dish, reminiscent of a dumpling in flavor and texture, but instead of looking like a traditional dumpling, it resembles a curly, whimsical mini-noodle. On my blog-reading marathon, I read a lot of Smitten Kitchen’s recipes, and this was her latest one, catching my eye with its peculiar name. (Note: She doesn’t hold to the same traditional nutrition methods, so you’ll find refined sugar, white flour, etc. in many of her recipes, but they’re fairly easy to make healthy.) Well, after rereading the post a total of about ten times, I finally made it. And it was awesome. I need to work out some kinks before I share it, but be looking for it sometime this week or next. (I swapped out the white flour for whole wheat, but didn’t soak it, of course, because I was dumb enough not to think ahead. Oh, well. It’ll be soaked next time.)

Also, fudge was on the menu tonight, since the saturated fat from the coconut milk seemed to work wonders. I used a variation of Kimi Harris’s fudge, and I’ll be sharing that this week too (since I honest-to-goodness make this variation all the time).

And since coconut milk was a blessing, I’ll be sharing a bit about how to make that as well, why I use it, and all that jazz.

So there’s the big plan for the week! I’ll be catching up on sleep and homework in the meantime. 🙂

*I really think the coconut milk helped perk me up because of the high saturated fat content. Yes, you read that right. Saturated fat (NOT trans fat) is really, really healthy for you. (No, it won’t raise your cholesterol. I swear. Browse this website for more detailed explanations of this– I hope to post about this in the future, as it’s been something that’s helped me immensely.)

Photo cred: riaskiff on flickr.


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