Easy, Cheesy Quiche

I’m not good at picking out titles. Same goes for naming recipes. But as cheesy (no pun intended) as the name is, this quiche is pretty good (and I’m not the biggest egg fan out there). It’s pretty hands-off besides the mixing and grating (which I appreciate when I should be doing homework, but end up in the kitchen instead), but in my little 8×9 pan, the thing takes ~40min. to bake. (And that’s really not bad, so long as you get it in the oven before noon, and your brother isn’t begging–like mine was today– Leeeiigh-Aaannn, when will it be done??)

Anyway– there’s no crust, so if you’re looking for some gluten-free brunches/lunches (makes a nice snack or simple dinner when paired with some veggies too), it’s a nice option. And true to quiche fashion, the recipe’s quite flexible: add or take away some cheese, sprinkle some bacon, try using some herbs…whatever your creativity puts out. 🙂

Easy, Cheesy Quiche (sans crust)

This can be made dairy-free as well, if you use water instead of cream/milk and coconut oil instead of butter. Nix the cheese and play around with some herbs and/or vegetables– the basic idea behind a quiche is to prepare eggs much like you would if you were scrambling them, season them with something, and bake in a buttered/oiled pan at 350 degrees until it has set (it doesn’t move like fluid when lightly jiggled).


6 eggs

1C cream (half & half or even just milk; water works too)

1tsp sea salt (go easy on the NaCl; cheese can be saltier than you think, and salt can always be added later to taste)

1C grated cheese (pretty much any kind of cheese will work: I made this one with mozzarella, parmesan, swiss, provolone, and muenster)

1/4C butter (half a stick) as well as some to grease the pan with

Slices of swiss (any kind) to line the bottom of the pan with

Optional: a little dried parsley (just to sprinkle the top with so it doesn’t look too terribly bare)

(Special equipment needed: hand [or immersion or stick] blender– I’m sure a regular blender would work fine here as well, and there’s always the elbow-grease option of whisking it into submission.)

1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees; gently melt the butter in a saucepan while you do the following steps.

2. Butter your pan and line the bottom with the swiss slices (or sprinkle grated swiss in the bottom of the pan if that’s what you have); just one layer of swiss is enough.

3. Crack all 6 eggs into a bowl (or into the blender), and add the 1C of cream.

4. Blend (or whisk) until the eggs and cream have been incorporated well (no globs of egg white should be visible, but if you’re whisking, that’s bound to happen, and it won’t ruin your quiche, no worries.)

5. In a separate bowl, grate the cheese and add the salt. (Note: I grated the mozzarella, parmesan and muenster, but the provolone was sliced: I just tore that into ~1in pieces and threw it in the bowl too.) If the butter has finished melting, pull it off the heat now and allow it to cool a little.

6. Stir the grated cheese/salt mixture in with the eggs; stir in cooled, but melted butter.

7. Pour this mixture into your prepared pan and pop into the oven until it has lightly browned on the top and has completely set in the middle. (It took me about 40 minutes, though the depth of your pan will determine the time it needs.)

(some photos of the steps below; click to enlarge) (this post is a part of The Nourishing Gourmet‘s Pennywise Platter Thursday 3/10


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