Whole Wheat Sourdough Pancakes



These have been a really fast and convenient option for breakfast– they’re fast and easy both to make and to eat. 🙂 I usually make a batch of them (~3 dozen, depending on how much starter I have) on a weekend night, let them cool on a cooling rack, and put them in ziplock bag in the fridge. And done! I’ve never had them around long enough to know when they go bad (there’s a certain pancake-loving guy at my house:), but my guess would be about two weeks in the refrigerator.

Whole Wheat Sourdough Pancakes

N.B.: This recipe can easily be made dairy-free, if that’s what you prefer. Simply replace the milk with water (or coconut or almond milk; I wouldn’t recommend soy milk, but more on that later) and use coconut oil instead of butter (ghee is a nice substitute as well if you can tolerate very small amounts of dairy).


*2 cups of whole wheat sourdough starter (you can use what you would usually throw out)

*3-5 tbls of honey or maple syrup (I usually make it with 3, but some like more sugar)

*2 whole eggs, beaten

*1 tsp baking powder

*enough milk to thin to pancake batter consistency

*butter, if you’d like to butter the pan/griddle

*optional: cinnamon, fruit, nuts, organic sprinkles, etc.


1. Mix all ingredients in a non-metal bowl (it can be plastic or glass, but metal will give the sourdough an acrid flavor), using a non-metal utensil to mix it with (for the same reason).

2. Let it sit to the side (I usually put several paper towels under it to minimize the mess later) while the skillet/griddle heats up to a med-high temperature.

3. Use a measuring cup (a 1/4C, 1/3C or 1/2C are just fine) as a ladle to transport the batter to the pan; pour in the batter.

4. Cook on the one side until the edges have dried out a bit and there are many holes in the batter where bubbles have popped; flip. It should be a very warm golden brown color. Cook on the new side until it’s roughly the same color as the first one. Remove pancake. (If storing them for later, I cool them on a cooling rack that’s already been set up.)

5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until you’re out of batter.

If you’re eating these right away, authentic, Grade B maple syrup is a delicious topping. Other smothering options are honey, nut butters, fruit, soft cheeses, cinnamon honey butter (just mix softened butter with honey and cinnamon to taste), coconut oil, nuts, or dried fruit.


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