When Pragmatism Meets Ice Cream

This is what my last month (or so) has looked like. Lots of books. Lots of reading. Lots of time gluttonously swallowed up in the name of education. And beneath the yoke of inevitabilities, not a lot of time has been given to blogging (or to experimenting with my own recipes to blog about). As a result, my wishful Sourdough Saga has been (and now will formally be)  put to rest after a drawn-out and disagreeable period of time. I finally realized I can’t take on a series like that right now, but maybe I can in the future. Maybe. We’ll see.

For now, though, allow me to explain further what I can do and plan on doing: I’ll be posting informational bits here and there and recipes as I come by them. The blog may expand from there, but I’ll be keeping it pretty simple for a while.

I’ll be posting a recipe for sourdough pancakes soon, but in the meantime…

Ice cream. It’s my kryptonite. I’ll admit, I’m usually pretty good about steering clear of desserts laced with white sugar and good intentions, but ice cream? Not so much.

My family has recently reawakened a dormant infatuation with the stuff, keeping at least one half gallon in the freezer at all times. This has meant frustrating battles of self-control that I didn’t always win. Without an ice cream maker (or the funds to pay for one), I couldn’t make my own refined sugar-free version; I would just have to wait to really enjoy ice cream until I was able to have the machine (and deal with the gnawing, furry woodland animal of discontent later).

At least, that was until I stumbled upon Choosing Raw, a vegan and semi-raw blog by Gena, a pre-med student living in Manhattan. I’m not (nor trying to be) on an all or semi-raw diet, nor am I vegan, but her site offers some great ideas and helps nonetheless. This is one of them:

Banana “Ice Cream”


*Frozen bananas, as many as desired (Frozen with no peel, cut into 1-2in chunks; a tupperware container works wonderfully to hold it all**)

(Special equipment needed: food processor)

1. Dump your peeled and cut frozen bananas into the food processor.

2. Be prepared to prevent the processor from dancing around your kitchen, and press “On” (or whatever it is that makes your machine go).

3. Blend until the bananas have reached a frozen yogurt/ice cream-like consistency (this time will vary on the amount of fruit used). You’ll need to scrape the banana off the sides of the container from time-to-time. (It will go through a frozen gravel stage, a dip-n-dots stage, and a I-think-this-might-be-it-but-I-hope-not stage before actually becoming ice cream. It’ll really get there. I promise.)

Picture to come soon.

**For those new to freezing fresh fruit, it’s imperative that the bananas are peeled and cut before you freeze them. If they’re not thus prepared, you’ll never be able to take their jackets off, and you’ll be left disappointed, staring at the lonely yellow fruit sitting helplessly on your counter. (Why yes, I do speak from experience.)


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