GF Oat Pancakes

Confession: I love oats. A lot. I know they’re not as healthy as wheat (being higher in phytic acid [which I’ll talk about soon] and lower in vitamins), but I love them with childlike abandon. I often find myself reaching for the Quaker oatmeal cylinder with a secret smile on my face. (I’m not kidding.)

When I stayed with a friend (who avoids gluten) this summer, we enjoyed some fun oat pancakes one morning. They were a revelation. (No, really. To say they were amazing would be an understatement.) Ever since that morning, I’ve been bound and determined to make my own. So I did.

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Easy, Cheesy Quiche

I’m not good at picking out titles. Same goes for naming recipes. But as cheesy (no pun intended) as the name is, this quiche is pretty good (and I’m not the biggest egg fan out there). It’s pretty hands-off besides the mixing and grating (which I appreciate when I should be doing homework, but end up in the kitchen instead), but in my little 8×9 pan, the thing takes ~40min. to bake. (And that’s really not bad, so long as you get it in the oven before noon, and your brother isn’t begging–like mine was today– Leeeiigh-Aaannn, when will it be done??)

Anyway– there’s no crust, so if you’re looking for some gluten-free brunches/lunches (makes a nice snack or simple dinner when paired with some veggies too), it’s a nice option. And true to quiche fashion, the recipe’s quite flexible: add or take away some cheese, sprinkle some bacon, try using some herbs…whatever your creativity puts out. 🙂

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Whole Wheat Sourdough Pancakes



These have been a really fast and convenient option for breakfast– they’re fast and easy both to make and to eat. 🙂 I usually make a batch of them (~3 dozen, depending on how much starter I have) on a weekend night, let them cool on a cooling rack, and put them in ziplock bag in the fridge. And done! I’ve never had them around long enough to know when they go bad (there’s a certain pancake-loving guy at my house:), but my guess would be about two weeks in the refrigerator.

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When Pragmatism Meets Ice Cream

This is what my last month (or so) has looked like. Lots of books. Lots of reading. Lots of time gluttonously swallowed up in the name of education. And beneath the yoke of inevitabilities, not a lot of time has been given to blogging (or to experimenting with my own recipes to blog about). As a result, my wishful Sourdough Saga has been (and now will formally be)  put to rest after a drawn-out and disagreeable period of time. I finally realized I can’t take on a series like that right now, but maybe I can in the future. Maybe. We’ll see.

For now, though, allow me to explain further what I can do and plan on doing: I’ll be posting informational bits here and there and recipes as I come by them. The blog may expand from there, but I’ll be keeping it pretty simple for a while.

I’ll be posting a recipe for sourdough pancakes soon, but in the meantime…

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